Post-secondary transfer credit

About post-secondary transfer credit assignment

Courses from a recognized institution will be assessed as Specific Credit if matching a UBC course or as General Credit to meet non-major specific or elective degree requirements.

General Credit

Courses that do not match a specific UBC course may be assigned General Credit.  

Example: Douglas College BIOL 1310 (3 credits) = UBC Vancouver BIOL 1st (3 credits)

Specific Credit

Courses that overlap more than 80% with a specific UBC course are granted Specific Credit.

Example: Langara College ECON 1220 (3 credits) = UBC Vancouver ECON 101 (3 credits

No credit

Courses that have been evaluated and deemed not transferable to UBC.

Transfer credit search

Requesting transfer credit

Prospective students

If you’re planning on applying to UBC, you will be asked during your application to submit your official transcripts. You will then be assigned transfer credit, if any, once you’ve been admitted to UBC.

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Current students

If you’re currently a UBC student and you’d like to take a course at another institution, you have a few options.

Non-degree students

Non-Degree students (Visiting, Unclassified, or Access Studies) do not receive transfer credit.

For more information, please see Non-Degree Studies for Visiting Students.