Charles and Jane BANKS Scholarship

This scholarship was established from a bequest to the University by the late Honourable Charles A. Banks who, during his term as Lieutenant Governor of the Province, was official Visitor of this University. This contribution, which provides support for worthy and deserving students is striking evidence of his generosity and that of his wife, and their concern for the welfare of others. Scholarships to a total of $97,000 are awarded on the recommendation of the Faculties, to students who have completed at least one year in the following Faculties, and are continuing in the Faculty in an undergraduate program: Science ($48,000), Applied Science (Engineering) ($30,000), Forestry ($5,000), Land and Food Systems ($9,000) and Pharmaceutical Sciences ($5,000). The Charles A. and Jane C.A. Banks Foundation was established by a bequest by the Honourable Charles A. Banks, who during his term as Lieutenant Governor of the Province was the Official Visitor of this University.

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2023 Winter
Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Recommended award

The majority of Recommended Awards do not require an application and students are automatically considered for any scholarships, awards, or prizes for which they are eligible.

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