Logging into your Student Service Centre

About the Student Service Centre (SSC)

If you’re registered for 2024 Summer Session courses, you can use the Student Service Centre (SSC) to access the following:

  • Course schedule and registration
  • Grades
  • Awards
  • Tuition summary and payment
  • Exam schedule
  • Transcripts
  • Your personal and contact information

Changes to the Student Service Centre

UBC is moving to a new student information system called Workday starting May 21, 2024.

If you’re registered in Summer Session courses, you can continue using the Student Service Centre (SSC) for the Summer Session.

For 2024/25 Winter Session course registration, use the new Workday system, available to students starting May 21, 2024. You will receive an email with setup instructions.

If you’re a new student taking Summer Session classes

You’ll need a Campus Wide Login (CWL) account to access the SSC. UBC’s CWL gives you access to UBC’s websites for the duration of your studies (including Workday, UBC LibraryCanvas, and others), enabling you to use the same username and password across all websites. 

If you don’t have a Student CWL, you can set one up through UBC IT.

If you’ve already created a CWL account but are unable to log into the SSC, do not create another account. Please contact UBC IT.