Logging into your Student Service Centre

About the Student Service Centre (SSC)

The Student Service Centre (SSC) is the main interface for UBC applicants and students to access the following:

  • Admission status
  • Course registration
  • Grades
  • Awards
  • Tuition summary and payment
  • Exam schedule
  • Transcripts
  • Your contact information

Accessing the Student Service Centre

To access your Student Service Centre (SSC), you will need to set up a Campus-wide Login (CWL). As a UBC student, you will need to provide your student number to create an account.  

Once you’ve created an account, log into your Student Service Centre account and enter your CWL login and password.

Changing your CWL password

To reset your CWL, log in to your SSC and select "Password Change" under Personal Info. If you need more help with your CWL account, contact UBC IT.

If you forgot your student number or CWL username

Your student number should be eight digits in length and your CWL password is originally set to your birthdate (YYMMDD).

If you forgot your student number or CWL username, you can also request the information with the following methods:

  1. Contact Enrolment Services.
  2. Call 604 822 9836 or the Toll free number for Canadian and US residents, 1 877 2721422.

Be prepared to provide a brief description of the problem and the following information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Student number, if you have it available
  • Address on file
  • Phone number
  • Degree program and year level

If you're a UBC alumni