Financial Wellness workshops

Learn different strategies to manage your finances, student loans, or credit and achieve financial wellness.


Organize and manage your finances by attending free workshops run by Enrolment Services Advisors and Financial Wellness Peers. You’ll gain tools, tips, and strategies to help you be stress-free when it comes to your finances. 

Top reasons to attend

  • Get budgeting tips for managing your finances from professional UBC staff (Enrolment Services Advisors) or trained students (Financial Wellness Peers)
  • Develop a plan that fits your financial situation, whether you are a current student, just starting school, or graduating
  • Learn about the financial resources and payment options available to you
  • Understand how to manage your student loans before, during, and after university

Enrolment Services workshops

Attend a workshop led by Enrolment Services Advisors and ask your questions.

  • Repaying student loans
    Get tips for how to manage your debt load after graduation, when you have to start repaying your loans, and more.
  • Managing your money
    Learn more about your student expenses, what financial resources are available for you, how to make your budget, and more.
  • Funding your year at UBC
    Start planning your finances and get ahead for the upcoming year and learn what payment options are available to you.
  • Identity theft and fraud prevention
    Find out what scams to be aware of as a student and how to protect your financial information.
  • Building a healthy credit history
    Understand the importance of your credit history and what steps you can take to build a good credit score.

Financial Wellness Peers workshops

Get introduced to financial topics from a Financial Wellness Peer, a trained UBC student. Financial Wellness Peers can share student tips and tricks for the following topics:

  • Understanding credit
    Learn why it’s important to understand credit, what credit cards to choose and how to choose one, and more.
  • Budgeting Tips
    Explore the fundamentals of budgeting as a student and how it can help you achieve overall wellness.
  • Taxes
    Join an interactive session hosted by the Peers and the UBC Tax Assistance Clinic (TACS) where you learn the basics of how to file your taxes in the annual workshop in March.

Upcoming financial wellness workshops

If you don’t see the workshop you’re interested in or you weren’t able to attend a workshop, you can email for access to past content and more information.

If you have questions