Noel RODDICK Service Award

Awards totalling $1,000 have been funded by Terralink Horticulture Inc. and by family and friends in honour of Noel Roddick (B.Sc.Ag.1962), whose outstanding service has helped to sustain the agricultural community in the face of numerous challenges. The awards are intended for undergraduate or graduate students in good academic standing who engage in community service, including research projects, on topics relevant to the reduction of risks to the Delta, BC farm community due to agronomic, economic or social factors. Preference is given to students conducting projects in collaboration with the Delta Farmers' Institute, Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust or members of the local agricultural business community. The awards are made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Land and Food Systems.

Award descriptions are meant for reference only. Values listed may not reflect the most up to date information.

2023 Winter
Faculty of Land and Food Systems
Undergraduate & Graduate

Recommended award

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