Cleveland and Rae Hickman Scholarship in Zoology

Scholarships totaling $12,000 have been made available through an endowment established by Cleveland and Rae Hickman to support outstanding students in the Bachelor of Science program in Biology with an interest in animal biology and zoology. These scholarships were created to honor Dr. William S. Hoar, who was Dr. Hickman's mentor during his time at UBC. Dr. Hickman received his PhD in Zoology in 1958 and became distinguished in the field of zoology, authoring many research papers; textbooks, including the widely used Integrated Principles of Zoology and Animal Diversity; and the Galapagos Marine Life Series of field guidebooks. During their years at the University of Alberta and at Washington and Lee University they both recognized how strongly they have always felt about supporting students in the pursuit of postsecondary education. The scholarships are made on the recommendation of the Department of Zoology under the UBC Biology Program.

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2023 Winter
Faculty of Science
Department of Zoology

Recommended award

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