Nestor KORCHINSKY Student Leadership Award

A service award of $1,150 has been endowed by Dr. Nestor N. Korchinsky to recognize a student who has demonstrated a commitment to leadership and positive change within the community, both on and/or off the University campus. This award is presented in recognition of the incredible influence an inviting and enriching learning environment can have on the lives of all members of our communities, while at the same time providing the opportunity for each person to take the lead in helping determine the kind of communities in which we want to live. The award is made on the recommendation of the Student Leadership and Involvement Unit in consultation with Enrolment Services.

Award descriptions are meant for reference only. Values listed may not reflect the most up to date information.

Non-academic units
Center for Student Involvement and Careers
Undergraduate & Graduate

Recommended award

The majority of Recommended Awards do not require an application and students are automatically considered for any scholarships, awards, or prizes for which they are eligible.

Some faculties do require applications: Contact your faculty’s scholarship representative or check your faculty website to find out more.