Changing the name on your diploma

The name on your official student record will be the name printed on your diploma, but there are some acceptable name changes you can request.

Update your legal name

Update your legal name on your official student record, this will be the name printed on your diploma. You may need to update your legal name if you want to have your middle name added to your diploma. 

Go to Legal name change

Preferred name

Preferred names, adopted names, or nicknames may be added to a parchment within brackets: ie. Mei Mei (Jane) Wong, Jane (Brown) Smith, Matthew (Mat) Smith.

Adding preferred names and other acceptable name changes as mentioned above are not changes to the name on your official student record, but to the name on your graduation application for diploma printing purposes.

How to add your preferred name to your diploma

After you have submitted your graduation application, please email the Vancouver or Okanagan graduation department and include:

  • Legal first name
  • Preferred name
  • Legal last name
  • UBC student number

Other acceptable changes to your diploma

  • An unused first name may be abbreviated to initials: ie. J. Mary Smith
  • Middle names may be abbreviated to initials or omitted from the parchment
  • If you are attending UBC under a married name your birth name can be printed on your diploma upon presentation of appropriate ID. Your birth name can be added to your records for future reference if necessary. 

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