Bookable wellness workshops and events


The Health Promotion and Education unit offers wellness themed learning and educational event opportunities for multiple audiences.

Student groups are welcome to place a request for:

  • Staff- or peer-facilitated workshops for an event
  • Wellness event
  • Booths for an event

Bookable staff-facilitated sessions

UBC Student Health and Wellbeing Services and Supports

In this 30-minute presentation, you will be introduced to the many resources available to support your health and wellness.

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Bookable peer-facilitated workshops

These sessions, available in-person or online, are led by Peer Health Educators and cover a range of topics to help you navigate the student experience.


Student groups can request a peer-facilitated one-hour workshop, available by request online or in-person. Review the following workshops before booking. 

How to Help a Friend  

Friends are often the first people you turn to when you have a problem or are worried about something. Our friends are also usually the first people who notice when something is off or out of the ordinary in our lives. This workshop is here to help you with skills and strategies to help notice when a friend might need help and how you can have a supportive conversation. 

This is a follow-up, synchronous workshop for anyone who has completed the How to Help a Friend Canvas module. You must complete the Canvas course before participating in the workshop.

Live Well 

This workshop is a valuable starting point or refresher as you work toward supporting your physical and mental wellbeing while a student. You will learn strategies you can implement into your schedule.

You will be invited to reflect on your unique wellness needs.

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Apply proactive strategies to support your mental health, stress management, social connections and more.
  • Identify the on and off-campus resources that can support you while at UBC

Organizers can choose 3 of the skill-building topics and the workshop will be built around those.

Safer partying and alcohol harm reduction 

For many students at UBC, alcohol is a substance they will encounter at some point. Whether this be drinking yourself, being around others who are drinking, or helping a friend, this workshop will give attendees the skills and knowledge to assess the risks of alcohol as well as minimize harm in alcohol & substance use related incidents in a party setting. Help contribute to a safer campus community! 

By the end of this workshop, individuals will be able to:

  • Learn more about alcohol, cannabis and their impacts
  • Minimize harms of using substances
  • Practice helping skills through interactive scenarios

SAVE Lives: First Aid for the Toxic Drug Supply

BC and Canada have a toxic drug supply, and accidental drug poisoning continues to rise year to year. In this workshop, you will reflect on substance use and its impacts, examine stigma and biases you may hold that would prevent helping someone, and gain practical strategies you can use to minimize the risk of substance use for yourself and others. These skills will increase your confidence in recognizing and helping an accidental drug poisoning situation, and making UBC a safer place.

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Minimize harm in situations with substance use
  • Identify ways to use substances in a safer way
  • Recognize and help someone through interactive scenarios

This is a follow up synchronous workshop for anyone who has completed the First Aid for the Toxic Drug Supply Canvas course.

Wellness Moments: Skill-builder activities for groups

Student groups can request a peer-facilitated skill-building session, available online or in-person. Each session includes an introduction of the topic, 1-2 activities, and a review of campus resources to learn more.

Each session is 15 minutes and can cover one of the following topics:

  • Living well with stress
  • Setting boundaries with technology
  • Getting grounded with your emotions
  • Navigating your energy levels
  • Feeling good when studying: Ergo your space (online option only)
  • Helping a friend by listening
  • Making a wellbeing plan
  • Managing climate anxiety

How to book a workshop or activity

Please complete the online form and a Wellness Centre staff member will be in touch. Several workshops or activities may not be available until a later date. 

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Bookable wellness events

Peer facilitated events, and booths are available online or in person. Booths can be booked for up to 2 hour time blocks. To book a booth or an event, you can submit a request online


  • Student Wellness Resources at UBC
  • Supporting your mental health
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Take a Wellness Break!
  • Safer sex and Sexual Health
  • Safer Partying and Harm Reduction
  • Opioid overdose first aid


Sexuality Trivia

For 1 to 1.5 hours, create a fun and comfortable environment where you and your peers can test your knowledge about topics related to sexual health and sexuality, and increase your sexual health literacy. Topics range from sex education, pop culture, pleasure and much more. If you are looking to break down barriers to navigate conversations around sexual health and provide a space for informal interactions through trivia, this is the event for you.

Please make a request online and we will come and run Sexuality Trivia for you and your community. 

Workshops for staff and faculty

If you are a UBC staff member or faculty, there are sessions available for you to build knowledge and skills that can enhance your ability to support student wellbeing.

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If you have questions

Contact the Wellness Centre at for more information about bookable workshops, events, and booths.