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The UBC Collegia Program

Your home away from home.

What is the UBC Collegia Program?

The UBC Collegia Program provides first-year commuter students with a safe and welcoming space to connect and build a community.

Study, Eat, and Relax

As a member, you'll have a dedicated place to go in your first year before, between, and after classes. Whether you want to enjoy a meal, work on a project, make friends, or even take a nap, we have you covered.

Home Away From Home

Each collegium has all the comforts of home with study tables, couches, washrooms, and a full kitchen. With fridges to store your food and access to amenities, you truly have a home on campus.

Make Friends

The UBC Collegia Program makes it easy for students to meet other first-year commuter students, be part of a study-oriented environment, receive support for academic and personal challenges, and be part of the UBC community.

Who is the UBC Collegia Program for?

First-year commuter students at the UBC Vancouver campus. If you are a transfer student coming to UBC with second-year standing, we will review applications on a case-by-case basis. 


  • Bright, open space with floor-to-ceiling windows inviting natural light
  • State-of-the-art kitchen facilities with an oven, two refrigerators, small appliances, dishes, and cutlery
  • Study spaces with desks, lamps, and shelves
  • Comfortable lounge chairs and a river rock fireplace
  • Limited access to paid lockers
  • Electrical outlets to charge wireless devices
  • Secure wireless Internet via ubcsecure
  • A print centre
  • A social area with board games, cards, and a large-screen TV


Arbutus Collegium at Ponderosa Commons

Arbutus Collegium at Ponderosa Commons

6488 University Blvd V6T 1Z4
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

Oak Collegium at Ponderosa Commons

Oak Collegium at Ponderosa Commons

Ponderosa Commons
2071 1Z2, 2029 E Mal
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2


UBC Collegia really grounded me from the loneliness and isolation that comes from being on such a large campus. The commute is tiring, but UBC Collegia is comforting.


UBC Collegia has helped me make friends, get involved, made it easier to focus on my studies and helped me stay positive when it did get frustrating and difficult.


Watching the learning and growth of all students has been so powerful. In all honesty, the reason I come to UBC Collegia is not because it's my job. I come because I love it.


What does the UBC Collegia Program membership cost?

The fee is $150 +GST for one academic year (Term 1 and Term 2).

Frequently asked questions

Are UBC Collegia open to the public?

You need to be a registered member to access a collegium.

Are UBC Collegia Program memberships transferable?

No, memberships are not transferable. However, you are eligible for a pro-rated discount if you cancel before the refund deadline.

Why pay to join a collegium when there are free options like the library and the cafeteria?

There are many great places to spend time on campus, but UBC Collegia offers a dedicated place that you can call your own. It's staffed during all open hours and has lots of special resources for members. By becoming a member of UBC Collegia, you also have the opportunity to engage with other first-year commuter students and become part of a close-knit campus community.

When are UBC Collegia open?

UBC Collegia are open Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am - 7:00 pm.

Can I spend the night in a collegium?

For safety reasons, overnight stays are not permitted. However, UBC does offer single-night stays for commuter students in the Commuter Student Hostel, located at Walter Gage Residence.

Can I store my bike, laptop, etc at UBC Collegia?

No. Even though each collegium is staffed during opening hours, as with all spaces on campus, we encourage students to take proactive measures to protect personal items.

Are there laundry facilities attached to UBC Collegia?


I am working on a project with another student. Can he or she join me at my collegium to work on our project? Or a non-member friend?

UBC Collegia are intended for members only, but you'll have a one-time guest pass per term to bring a friend. As long as you have a valid guest pass, your fellow student may join you. Alternatively, there are other gathering places available nearby.

Are memberships refundable?

In certain situations, we may be able to partially refund your membership fee, but it will be pro-rated accordingly. The deadlines to cancel your membership and receive a pro-rated refund are as follows:

Term 1: Sept 13, 2016

Term 2: Jan 10, 2017*

*If you are registered for Term 2 only

For students accepted into UBC Student Housing, the following deadlines apply:

Term 1: October 12, 2016

This is the last day to apply for a pro-rated membership refund. After this date, we can only refund fees for Term 2 membership. If you accept a residence offer after October 12, you may still access collegium facilities until the end of Term 1.

Term 2: February 13, 2017

This is the last day to apply for a pro-rated membership refund. After this date, we will not be able to refund membership fees, except in special circumstances. If you accept a residence offer after February 13, you may still access collegium facilities until the end of Term 2.

Can I see UBC Collegia before I sign up?

Yes! We will be offering tours at Imagine UBC at the Main Event. Come to our booth to get a tour!


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