Students gathered in the one of the Collegia spaces

UBC Collegia: a home away from home for first-year commuter students

Will you be driving, taking transit, or biking to campus? You are not alone! Over two thirds of UBC students are commuters.

Enjoy a home away from home

Your UBC Collegium is a place where you can take a break between classes to socialize, use a kitchen, or relax in a comfortable, friendly, and welcoming environment. Come hang out with other commuter students, take a nap, or find a study spot – you’ll always have a place to call your home away from home at UBC.

I always feel welcome when I visit Collegia, which is almost every day. It is an amazing place just to take a break from a hectic school day or to just visit and socialize.

 Collegia Member, First-Year Arts


  • Bright, open space with floor-to-ceiling windows

  • Kitchen facilities with an oven, refrigerators, small appliances, dishes, and cutlery

  • Study spaces with desks, lamps, and shelves

  • Comfortable lounge chairs, sofas, and fireplace 

  • Lockers

  • Secure Wifi and plenty of plugs to charge all your devices

  • A social area with board games, cards, and a big-screen TV

Find community

Friends are integral to your success at UBC. Meet other first-year students from different faculties, make new connections, and expand your UBC network. Share a meal, join activities, or find people to commute and study with – your UBC community starts here.

collegia students

By providing a place to meet people from different faculties as well as my own, UBC Collegia allowed me to make friends with people in my program on the first day as well as in the days since.

Collegia Member, First-Year Applied Science

Get peer and professor support

Get to know upper-year students, your Collegia Advisors, as they share their experiences and help you settle into life at UBC. You can also connect with Collegia Profs for guidance on things like how to approach a project, where to find writing resources for a paper, or how to study for an upcoming exam. University learning is different from high school learning - Collegia Advisors and Profs are here to help you with this transition.

Celeste leander

Collegia is a home away from home for faculty as well as students. These spaces offer a singular arena where faculty can be present in a student space in the absence of a power position and void of an academic agenda. The outcome of this are dynamic informal relationships between faculty and first-year students that cannot be found in any other setting.

Dr. Celeste Leander, UBC Prof-in-Collegia

Discover resources and opportunities

UBC Collegia will help you find all that UBC has to offer through conversations, programming, and resources. Explore your interests through various involvement opportunities, student resources, and supports, all while building your community at university.

students studying

UBC Collegia let me know about all the opportunities on campus and provided me with a solid support system.

By listening to the experiences of my peers and advisors, I really found out what interested me at UBC and what opportunities I could pursue to explore them - I would have never been confident enough to apply for various student leader positions like Imagine UBC or Peer Programs if it weren't for Collegia.

Collegia Member, First-Year Arts

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