May 4, 2018
2 mins read

UBC traditions

The AMSThe Calendar, and UBC Rec all host events throughout the year that will get you excited to be a student at UBC. Here are our top 10 traditions that you can look forward to, but trust us, there’s plenty more where these came from.


Imagine UBC. The beginning of it all. Every year, thousands of first-year students come to UBC to get to know the campus, attend a pep rally, and visit all the club booths at the Main Event. You won’t want to miss this unforgettable first day.

Welcome Back BBQ. Part of AMS Firstweek, this 34-year strong BBQ is the best way to start the semester. There’s music and plenty of food - and it’s the best place to connect with fellow BBQ-loving friends.

Homecoming. Nothing brings people together like shared experiences. So put on your white, gold, and blue, and soak in the school spirit while cheering on our football team. The biggest highlight? Marching down Main Mall with fellow students chanting, “GO THUNDERBIRDS GO,” all the way to the stadium. Who says we don’t have school spirit?

Garden Party. Dig out your bowties, suspenders, garden hats, and sundresses for the annual Garden Party at The UBC Farm. Whether it’s challenging your friends to a game of croquet or giant jenga, posing for your next profile pic, or dancing barefoot under the stars to live music and DJs, there will be something for everyone.


Day of the LongBoat. This treasured event will help you find a rhythm with your new friends as you paddle in sync during the epic water race.


Polar Bear Swim. Fancy a swim in a freezing ocean? Wait - don’t answer that. Trust us, it’s better with friends! Join hundreds of students and dive into the Pacific Ocean in celebration of the last day of classes.


Winter Classic. Throw on that winter jacket and enter the Thunderbird arena for a night of true Canadian spirit. Previous UBC students have made this event the highest-attended university hockey game in Canadian history! Keep that record alive and join in the festivities of this hockey night. 

Snowball fight. Imagine if over 2000 people participated in a snowball fight at your university. Well, at UBC, that’s our reality. If the white fluff descends from the sky, we organize a major snowball fight, so get your throwing arm ready.


Storm the Wall. For nearly 4 decades, students have scaled a 12-foot wall and tested their endurance. Alone, it seems impossible - but with the support of your team, you’ll find out what you’re really made of, and you’ll be able to say with pride that you stormed the wall!


Block Party. This epic night of music, friends, and dancing is the best way to end the school year with a bang. Let loose one last time before exams begin.

Taking part in these events will be part of your full UBC experience. Higher education is about more than just hitting the books, so get ready to participate in these UBC traditions and make some lasting memories!