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July 5, 2018
1 min read

Your UBCcard offers you a lot at UBC

In less than 2 months, you’ll be at UBC and immersing yourself into all that life on campus has to offer. 

Our protip: keep your UBCcard with you at all times!

Your UBCcard serves as your official student identification (hint: what you’ll need to bring with you to exams), and it’s also your campus library card. Plus, in some residence areas that use a card for entry, you can set up your UBCcard to give you keyless access to your building, if you live on campus.

Your UBCcard also works like a debit card. Load it with money and you can use it to make purchases at the UBC Bookstore and at UBC's many Food Services locations. On top of that, your card is a quick and easy way to pay for copying, printing, or scanning documents at any of the 11 libraries on campus.

Last but not least: your UBCcard is also your free ticket into certain attractions on campus. Take in the lovely sights at the UBC Botanical or Nitobe Gardens, or explore the Museum of Anthropology or the Beaty Biodiversity Museum simply by showing your card at the door.

Another protip: To avoid waiting in a long line-up, upload your own digital photo and apply for your UBCcard online anytime after July 15. You can pick up your card at the UBC Access Desk in the UBC Bookstore. If you'll be living in residence, you can also pick up the card when you move in.

Learn more and apply on the UBCcard website.