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March 14, 2019
4 mins read

21 things to do during your breaks

So your course schedule is kind of wacky, and you have some pretty awkward lengths of time between your classes. What do you do with them?

Have no fear, for I’m here to give you tips on how to break your routine by making your breaks unbreakably awesome.

Here are 21 things you can do during your breaks, whether you have 40 minutes or 4 hours of time to kill. Indecisive? Pick a number between 1-21 and get movin’!

If you feel stressed...

1. Talk to a prof.

Your professors, believe it or not, are human. You can visit their office hours and get academic support—or even better, get some totally authentic life advice.

2. Grab a treat.

Whether you de-stress with a coffee, ice cream, or a perfectly cheesed bagel, you can visit one of UBC’s many snack/dessert destinations—and grab yourself a much-needed treat.

3. Pet some dogs.

UBC clubs are awesome to offer puppy-petting sessions on campus, especially during exams time. Keep your eyes out for events from clubs like UBC PAW! But if that doesn’t work for you, take a walk around and you might spot Teddy and Cotton!

teddy and cotton in front of the nest

If you feel energetic…

4. Participate in intramurals.

UBC Recreation offers plenty of intramurals, ranging from volleyball to dodgeball! Grab a couple o’ friends and engage in some competition—either to win or just for a good time.

5. Visit the pool.

UBC’s Aquatic Centre is absolutely awesome, and as a UBC student, entry is free! Swim lengths or play water polo, either with friends or solo!

6. Jog down to Wreck Beach.

UBC has one of the most beautiful campuses out there—so don’t spend all your time staring at a laptop! If it’s nice out, grab a hype playlist and go for a quick jog. The stairs down to (and up from) Wreck Beach is a solid workout route with a view!

If you feel studious...

7. Make some pretty notes.

What better time to review course material than right before/after class? Make it fun by grabbing some colours and creating Pinterest-worthy notes or cue cards! It would make the exam cramming a bit more bearable.

8. Finish your homework.

UBC has a ton of great study spaces; you can also consider finding your ideal study zone. You’d be surprised at how much you can complete with just an hour-long break.

9. Tutor a friend.

Have a friend in class who’s struggling? If you just so happen to know the material well, offer a helping hand and tutor them! If your teaching is outstanding, you can also apply to work for the AMS as an academic tutor.

If you feel curious…

10. Try new foods nearby.

UBC has so many food options to choose from—Mexican delights, Japanese platters, fancy pizzas, World Famous McDonald’s fries (wow!), you name it! Get out there and check off some items on your tummy’s bucket list.

11. Explore UBC museums.

You can visit the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, the Museum of Anthropology… and you’ll no doubt walk out with new knowledge and an appreciation for history and culture.

12. Aimlessly walk around campus.

Seriously. There are surprises around every corner at UBC, a bustling and lively place! You might stumble upon a dance performance, an old friend, or your new favourite study spot.

If you feel useful…

13. Finish your club work.

If you’re part of a club and got some tasks on your plate, squeeze ‘em into your breaks and impress your team with your productivity.

14. Get a campus job.

UBC offers countless WorkLearn positions that give flexible hours that fit nicely between your classes. Pick a job you like, and make an extra buck or two!

15. Clean out your inbox.

Your email inbox might be boomin’. Take this time to go through your emails, reply to some, send some, delete some. Maybe even organize your inbox; you’ll feel so on top of it.

If you feel social…

16. Catch up with an old friend.

UBC is such a huge campus—there might be friends you never see, yet study at the building beside you. Squeeze in a time to grab a meal with ‘em!

17. Make some new friends.

Is there someone in your class you’re dying to get to know, but not sure how? If they have the same break after class, ask them what they’re up to! (This is how I made my best friend in first year!)

18. Join a club.

Gaining membership to a club often comes with many perks—this includes access to many events! You can fill your breaks with dancing, an art showcase, or boothing activities... the possibilities are endless.

If you feel lazy…

19. Binge your favourite Netflix show.

Maybe you were so busy not procrastinating for school that you procrastinated on Netflix instead. (What a dream.) Take this time to relax a lil’! (Just don’t take up study space for, well, not studying.)

20. Nap.

Find a cozy spot and let yourself fall asleep… but definitely set an alarm or get a friend to wake you up. And make sure nobody steals your things. I recommend using your backpack as your pillow.

21. Take a break!

A break is literally called a break for a reason; it’s your time to do whatever you want! Chill on your phone, watch the world go by, make some doodles, and let your mind roam free.

A list of options and an open mind can make or break your breaks. Now go have the best breaks ever!