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March 2, 2018
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5 minutes to refresh your mind

As we head into the busiest part of the year, it’s important to take time for yourself. You might not have the time or energy for more involved self-care, but you can always take 5 minutes just for you. You deserve it!

Learning how to care for yourself when you’re under pressure is a learning process, one that I’m still experiencing even after 5 years at UBC.

Whether you need a pick-me-up, a pep talk, a new perspective, or just a laugh, here’s 5 minutes worth of low maintenance self-care.

If you want to remember why you came here…

I often tell people that I decided on UBC based on a vibe alone; I loved the beauty of the environment and the driven, but still easygoing, attitude of the people here. I think that’s what draws a lot of us here.

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Sometimes revitalizing yourself is as easy as remembering why you started in the first place.

What did you love about UBC when you first arrived? What excited (and excites) you about being here?

If you need a pep talk…

What about if you need more than that, though?

After 5 years of being a student, I am more than familiar with all of the feelings of self-doubt that can accompany university life.

Time and time again I’ve found that persistence is key—there is always room to grow and move forward.

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My only true regrets from my time here are the choices I didn’t make and the experiences I opted out of without any real reason for doing so. If an opportunity is available to you, why not do it?

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If you need a reminder of how far you’ve come…

It’s easy to look around at the lives of others and feel like you’re falling behind, especially with our constant access to social media.

But when I look back at who I was in first year, I’m often amazed by how much I’ve changed. Even if you don’t notice it at the time, you are always growing as a person.

Baby steps!

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Give yourself credit for how far you’ve come. Don’t discount your successes.

Focusing on your strengths can help you tackle any obstacles on the horizon, no matter how impassable they may seem in the moment.

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If you need some perspective…

It’s easy to get bogged down in the minutiae of student life.

I’ve found over the years that remembering the bigger picture—my love for the subject I’m studying, how happy I am to have my friends in my life, the fact that the sun does occasionally shine here—is a really good way to bring myself out of a funk.

Each of us has the ability to create these bright spots for ourselves, to find the silver lining in situations we didn’t expect (or necessarily want).

How silver lining works

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If you’re feeling burnt out…

All of that said, it’s perfectly fine to admit that you’re just out of juice sometimes. We are all only human.

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I am still learning how to create time that’s just for me without feeling guilty. I am constantly reminding myself that taking the time to refresh my mind and body for whatever is to come is a type of productivity in its own right.

Nobody can do their best when they’re not taking care of themselves.

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It might be a healthy meal, a long nap, a phone call to a loved one—or something as simple as taking a few minutes to look at some Instagram posts that make you smile!

If you need a laugh…

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