Graduation ceremony
February 7, 2020
3 mins read

Are you graduating? What not to forget

Graduation! It’s what we’re all working towards. Finally, you’ll have something to show for everything you’ve done over the last four (or five, or six…) years.

Whether you’re feeling excited, anxious, or entirely apathetic about the whole thing, the day when you walk across that stage (or receive your diploma in the mail) is beckoning.

Unfortunately, you can’t just show up on the day. Like most things in life, graduating involves some paperwork.

Students at a UBC Graduation Ceremony

Here’s everything you need to do this term to avoid that last-minute scramble and make your exit from UBC in a timely manner:

Get your credits in order

Before you can graduate, you have to make sure you can graduate. We’ve all heard the urban legend about that one guy who forgot to enroll in that last pesky elective and ended up staying here one term longer than planned. Don’t be that guy.

Students in most faculties can check out their progress on the Degree Navigator (accessible on the SSC under the Registration tab). If the Navigator doesn't support your degree (or you've checked and you still have questions), you can contact your Academic Advising office to make sure things are in order. 

Arts students can also request a graduation check here. Sauder students can use the Degree Credit Check form

Apply to graduate

It’s pretty easy to get swept up in the craziness of your final term and forget that you actually have to tell someone it’s your final term.

You can apply to graduate on the SSC under Graduation > Apply for Graduation. It takes like two minutes, so get it out of the way ASAP.

The deadline to apply for graduation is February 28.

A UBC Graduate

Take grad photos

These might not seem like a necessity, but trust me: your mom will appreciate it.

UBC has agreements to have grad photos taken with Evangelos Photography or Artona, depending on your faculty (and your department, if you’re in Arts). Spots fill up really fast, so get in there while you still can!

Artona has specific periods of time in which different departments can have their photos taken. Find out yours on their website by typing “UBC” and your major into the search bar.

You can also sit for a portrait photo session on the day of your grad ceremony. There's no obligation to purchase the photos, no sitting fee, and no appointment necessary. If you want to plan ahead, you can pre-register for your photo session before grad day and receive a coupon for 20% off your entire order.

Know when to walk the stage

Different faculties walk the stage at different times. While the dates for specific ceremonies aren’t up yet, the convocations will occur between May 20-22 and May 25-28 at the Chan Centre.

Once they’re announced, the date and time of your convocation will appear on the SSC under Graduation > Apply for Graduation > Get/Edit/View Application. These should be available sometime in mid-February.

UBC Graduation Ceremony

Know who’s attending

Each graduate is guaranteed 2 tickets at $2 apiece. Tickets will be on sale from Apr 6 at noon until May 12 at noon.

Limited additional tickets will become available on May 13 at noon, but you most likely won't be able to snag more than 1 or 2 extras. These are based on availability and distributed equally (i.e. they're not first come first served). The ceremonies are also livestreamed for those who are unable to attend.

Order your cap and gown

To be a graduate, you have to look the part! You can find information about renting your graduation regalia here, and the rental period is from Apr 6 until May 3.

Sure, all of this stuff is easy to put off. But wouldn’t you rather spend your last term at UBC enjoying the campus, your classes, and your friends? Get all the business out of the way and move on to your bright future!

UBC Graduates