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October 5, 2018
3 mins read

Club Spotlight: Blank Vinyl Project

Club Spotlights

Looking for folks to jam with on campus? Or just want to gush over the SZA album? 

Blank Vinyl Project (BVP) is a student-run music club focused on supporting aspiring musicians and nurturing a community of students with a shared love for music. Whether it be performing at an open mic, using the jam space, or meeting fellow music aficionados–BVP has something for everyone.  

Contrary to, at least, my belief, you don’t need to be a musician to join. This club isn’t just for seasoned performers, but for anyone with a passion for all things music.

A place for music lovers …

I had a chance to chat with Eliana, a third-year international student in the faculty of Arts, about her role as the External Director and our shared love for BROCKHAMPTON.


“I don’t play any instruments. And the last time I sang was in a choir in the 4th grade. I joined BVP because it was one of the only music clubs that I could get involved with because I’m not a musician.”

eliana laughing

She found out about this music group during the Main Event at Imagine UBC and has been with BVP ever since:

“It’s funny because so many people sign up for so many mailing lists and they ignore them all probably, but with BVP I immediately liked what I saw since I was looking for a music thing because I had music blog back home. And that’s how I started the BVP music blog.

She wants to emphasize a sense of community for people who just want to listen to and talk about good music.

… for aspiring musicians …

For students who do want to start booking gigs, but may be missing a bassist, the Build A Band program is a great way for musicians to connect with other musicians. At the beginning of the year, BVP hosts a mixer for students looking to be a part of a band or for groups in search of another musical member.

“These new bands will make music together and perform at events. At the end of the year, we have Band Wars where they can show off what their work. It’s pretty amazing to see what people come up with especially with people they just met a few months ago. And sometimes these bands stick together, even after they graduate.”

Students can also check out the BVP Musicians of UBC page where students can seek out or book other musicians. The club also hosts mixing workshops and songwriting sessions throughout the year for DJs and singer-songwriters in the making.

.... and for everyone in between

If you’ve never sung in public before, or if you’re just learning how to play an instrument, the open-mics may be your place to shine.

“A lot of people who’ve never performed before or just picked up a guitar a month ago get up on stage and it’s really cool to see. And sometimes they keep coming back to these open mics and you can see them getting better and better each time. You don’t have to be a professional or on a prodigy-level, you don’t need to be in music school, you can just be doing it for fun.”

All you need is to put yourself out there...

The nerves of performing on stage can feel a lot like the intimidation of joining a new club, especially without knowing anyone–and Eliana can vouch for that exact same feeling.

“I was definitely intimidated coming into this. I didn’t know anyone. At first, I thought it was like an all-boys club and only for musicians. But I just put myself out there. That’s the hardest part though, but when you do, people will embrace you.”

“Everyone at BVP was so open and supportive. Coming onto the team and finding out what a diverse group of people are here was eye-opening. I’ve met so many new people in my life whom I legitimately love to spend time with.”

“It’s cool to see how my perception of the club has evolved.”

… and get jammin’

If you’re ready to take the spotlight, the next open mic will be on October 10th–and they’re open to everyone. If you’re less inclined to take the stage, BVP is always accepting new members:

  • $10 membership gives you access to all of their events, from house parties to workshops

  • $20 membership includes access to all the jam spaces in the UBC Life Building, access to instruments and equipment, and music or video recording with help from the media team.

If you're interested in joining, send them a Facebook message or email to get your membership underway. 

So whether you need a space to practice those sick licks, looking for a banjo buddy, or want to kick-off your singing career–BVP is a great place to find your beat.