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January 10, 2020
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Club Spotlight: University Fashion Club

Club Spotlights

I must pry Churchill’s words out of context to describe fashion: “It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma”—it constantly shifts, like the winds and waves in The Odyssey.

Thus, it is only fitting that I start with an invocation of the Muse, whose alias is Amy Wang, a 4th year Biology student—and the President of the University Fashion Club.

“Some people view fashion as art, business, or creative design. Some think of fashion as streetwear, clothes inspired by urban themes, or high fashion, like designer clothes. To us in the club, fashion is whatever you want to wear to express yourself.”

A self-professed fan of “designers, runways, and models” and of clothing that’s “comfortable, presentable, casual, and easygoing,” Amy joined in her 2nd year after attending Clubs Day. “The club execs were very welcoming, and I thought it was a great way to attend events and meet people who were also into fashion.”

Speaking to the latest fashion, Amy says, “You have Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Off-White, Givenchy, and Dolce & Gabbana. Fashion’s really blown up in streetwear, such as hoodies, baggy jeans, and sneakers. People today want clothes they can wear every day and be flexible in them.”

The chic, stylish club platform

University Fashion Club is small, around a decade young, and stunningly innovative. During club meetings (once a week, if not bi-weekly), members discuss fashion trends, work on projects, and cover areas of event-planning, sponsorship, and marketing.

“Our goal is to create events that really promote fashion on campus,” says Amy. 

The club has held clothing swaps, taken students on shopping trips, and collaborated with UBC (during the University Fashion Week) and other fashion-relevant campus clubs.

The club also reaches out to thrift stores (and showcases their fashion-related goods and items), and hosts pop-up shops and workshops (including review sessions on résumés and cover letters) as well as talks that feature industry professionals, such as:

  • Teri Thorson, a paralympic athlete and a fashion designer; 
  • Susie Wall, a brand ambassador, style reporter on CityTV, and fashion personality;
  • and Christie Lohr, the founder of the fashion job website Style Nine to Five.

Sustainable fashion is also on the club’s list of project goals—not just eco-friendliness, but also sustainability in terms of work environments and fair labour practices.

And there’s more. The club aims to build on its social media presence and its connection to students through:

  • Videoshoots of students being interviewed on their outfits, what they think about fashion, or how they pronounce designer names;
  • Photoshoots where students can come in with any outfit and receive high quality images;
  • And a possible photobook of student wear!

Does the club suit your fancy? 

“New students are welcome to come by anytime throughout the year,” says Amy.

If you want to spend some time on something other than academics, University Fashion Club is a great option.

“I focus a lot on my studies,” Amy says, “but I can attend Fashion Club, which is completely unrelated to my studies, and it gives me a break and allows me to do something different, right on campus.”

Although some students in the club do take fashion to a high level and wear designer clothes, Amy encourages members to wear whatever they want at meetings and events. “Fashion is for expressing yourself, so we shouldn’t police anyone on what they wear.”

If you’re interested in connecting with the club and learning more about fashion (like Gaga’s meat dress), but have a lot on your plate, you can still attend the drop-in events. These include socials, hangouts, and opportunities to watch fashion films and attend those industry fashion talks. 

“They’re a bit relaxed and are mostly free, and are open to anyone,” Amy clarifies, “but non-members sometimes have to pay by donation to participate in certain events.”

Membership is $10, but it is flexible (e.g. if you join in Term 2, you’d pay half the price). Remember that with paid membership, all club events are free!

If you’re interested in joining or attending a club event, check out the University Fashion Club Facebook and Instagram. The club’s always open!

Dress to express—what’s YOUR fashion statement?