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January 15, 2021
2 mins read

Club Spotlight: Wargamers of UBC

Club Spotlights

In the era of playing Among Us and Skribbl.io, what better club is there for us to dive into the realm of games than UBC’s Wargamers?

Discover your experience

Wargamers of UBC is a student-run organization that coordinates tabletop gameplay. They have historically hosted a variety of events including murder mystery game nights, as well as tabletop and roleplay games such as: 

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Virtual board game

Although the Wargamers are usually based in Room 3206 C in the Nest, this year they’re meeting on their Discord server. And while the Wargamers are certainly open to anyone, there is some terminology you might need to pick up to get started. Here's a short list of some of the abbreviations you may find on the Discord server:

  • D&D: Dungeons & Dragons
  • DM: Dungeon Master
  • MTG: Magic: The Gathering

Building your character 

I had the opportunity to chat with Bronson, the club president and a 5th year Arts student; Zela, the club’s social media coordinator and a 1st year Science student; and Yash, a general member and a 1st year Commerce student. All three were eager to share their experiences as members of the Wargamer community. 

“It’s nice having a group of people who have the same hobbies and interests as you,” describes Bronson. “It’s just a relaxed and safe place where you can chat and hang out.” 

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“And we take a lighthearted approach to games, in comparison to what would be seen as traditional gaming clubs,” adds Zela. “If you're looking to make new friends, play games, and get some social time in every week, this club will be perfect for you.”

Since being online allows anyone to drop in and join in on the gameplay, the Wargamers are even open to students living around the world and studying at different institutions.

That’s where Yash comes in. A Queen’s University student, Yash was invited to join the club through a friend at UBC. Despite living in a different time zone, Yash says she has found it easy to stay involved and feel connected to the other club members. 

“I especially like how much I’ve been able to learn,” she says. “For games that are a little more difficult to learn, I’ve encountered a lot of patience and a lot of willingness to teach from other members.”

Get your game on

Excited to check out the club? Here’s how to join the Wargamers community: 

The Wargamers have game nights every Wednesday from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Discord. These Wednesday soirées are free and open to anyone—in other words, no membership is required to participate! Simply log onto their server and join the gameplay at a pace you’re comfortable with.

A paid membership with the Wargamers is $5 (or $7.50 for friends who don’t go to UBC) for the year and gets you access to their games, including a subscription to Tabletopia. You’ll also get access to their physical game library (once the club reopens on campus!) as well as discounts at Imperial Hobbies.

Even if you’re feeling shy about joining, you can still drop in as a spectator to get a feel of the community—no pressure to dive straight in!