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August 9, 2021
3 mins read

Clubs, societies—and other ways to find your niche

UBC is home to lots of communities where you can join something that speaks to you, interests you—and maybe even inspires you.

There’s truly something for every UBC undergrad. Here are just some ways you can make friends, build your own community, and get involved.

Click on something below that interests you, or scroll through to browse them all!


Undergrad student societies

Undergrad student associations

More ways to get involved

UBC events (low time commitment) 


UBC is home to over 350 AMS clubs! Connect with students of all years and faculties who share your interests or aspirations (however niche they may be). Check out our Club Spotlights series to meet some club execs, learn about their club's mission, and hear some inspiring stories.

Joining a club lets you get to know individuals you might never have a class with or can’t easily meet otherwise. 

Some ways to connect with a club:

1. Attend Imagine UBC (Tue, Sep 7)

Imagine UBC is a terrific way to meet your uni community! During the Main Event, many campus clubs, as well as student groups and campus resources, will be hosting virtual booths. Drop by this online fair to ask questions, sign up for mailing lists, and meet current group members and execs. The live event is taking place twice this year on September 7th - from 9am-10:30am and from 3:30pm-5:30pm PDT. Stop by whenever works best for you!

2. Visit AMS Clubs Days

In late September, you’ll get to attend AMS Clubs Days (more info to come on the AMS website, so check back there for updates). You’ll get to explore more club booths during this fantastic multi-day event!

3. Reach out to club execs

Many clubs remain open to newcomers throughout the year. Search up the contact details of the clubs you want to join by visiting their Facebook or Instagram page or exploring AMS CampusBase, an online clubs platform!

And if UBC doesn’t have the club you want to join? You can apply to start your own club with a group of friends (instructions and application portal on AMS CampusBase). Applications are accepted in September and January.

Undergrad student societies

Each faculty is represented by a student society. Along with all the other students in your faculty, you can find faculty-specific events (and access support or resources) held by your faculty's society. Stay connected to yours on social media for the latest updates on how you can get involved.

Each of these societies is led by an elected executive team, and recruits student volunteers and council execs to organize events and services. Contributing to student societies can help you become a strong leader amongst your peers!

Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of the societies’ websites:

Undergrad student associations

Student associations comprise students in your (prospective) specialization/department (I hail from the Forensic Science Student Association!). They usually put on events and workshops related to the program/discipline you are in or want to enter, and are a great way to meet like-minded people and learn more about that particular area of study. Contact the association you’d like to get involved with for more details via Facebook, websites, and so on.

More ways to get involved

From volunteering opportunities to student programs, UBC offers more ways for you to find your niche! The time commitment of these opportunities may vary greatly, so do your research. Some ideas that come to mind:

UBC events (low time commitment)

You can attend a wide range of events offered by UBC. Stay updated on exciting events and opportunities (online and, when available, in person) by checking out:

UBC has many experiential opportunities—so many that you might not be able to try out everything you find interesting. So, start with a few that you know you'll enjoy and can stick to.

Take it from me: You will grow so much during your time at UBC, not only academically but in so many different ways. Explore your passions and find your people—the campus community can't wait to meet you!