Students Cheering at Homecoming
December 22, 2017
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First term photo recap

From Imagine UBC to the Polar Bear Swim, a lot happened in first term. Here's a recap of the events and moments that we experienced in the last 4 months.

Imagine UBC

Imagine UBC 2017 pep rally
Santa Ono and Alan Ehrenholz at the Imagine UBC 2017 pep rally
Students at Imagine UBC 2017 Main Event
Student at the Main Event during Imagine UBC 2017
Students at Imagine UBC 2017


Thunderbird mascot with the UBC Thunderbirds flag at Homecoming 2017
Cheerleaders at Homecoming 2017
Students on ferris wheel at Homecoming 2017
UBC football team at Homecoming 2017
Students & alumni at Homecoming 2017

Harvest Feastival

Students at Harvest Feastival 2017
Pasta dish at Harvest Feastival 2017
Someone capturing Harvest Feastival on iPhone
UBC marching band playing at Harvest Feastival 2017

Day of the LongBoat

Day of the Longboat 01
Day of the Longboat 02
Day of the Longboat 03
Day of the Longboat 04
Day of the Longboat 05

Global Experience Fair

Global Experience Fair 01
Global Experience Fair 02

Career Days

Career Days 01
Career Days 02

Pumpkin Run

UBC Pumpkin Run 01
UBC Pumpkin Run 02
UBC Pumpkin Run 04
UBC Pumpkin Run 03


Thrive 01
Thrive 02
Thrive 03

Lace Up for Kids

Lace up for kids 01
Lace up for kids 02

The Blue & Gold Campaign Announcement 

The Blue & Gold Campaign Announcement 01
The Blue & Gold Campaign Announcement 02
The Blue & Gold Campaign Announcement 03

Polar Bear Swim

Polar Bear Swim 01
Polar Bear Swim 02
Polar Bear Swim 03
Polar Bear Swim 04
Polar Bear Swim 05