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Banana bread illustrations
October 12, 2018
4 mins read

Snacks of UBC: Banana bread

Snacks of UBC

He said/She said. The ultimate delicacy: banana bread.

Found across the cafes of campus, banana bread is a staple in the “quick pick-up snacks” category. But are the ones we tasted good enough to upstage the family recipe? Follow our quest.

1. Great Dane

6011 Walter Gage Rd

Price: $3.50

A little something extra: Cinnamon and chocolate chips

He said: I love the crust. It’s literally everything to me, it’s my child, it’s changed the way I think about life. See you later, Philosophy.

She said: I love the cinnamon on this one. It adds a great compliment to the banana.

He said: It’s so well balanced.

She said: You get a different flavour with every bite.

He said: This is game changing!

She said: It’s not as moist as I like them to be. Does it upstage the family recipe?

He said: Not to be overdramatic, but I would die for this.

She said: I would sell my first-born child.

2. Starbucks

Various locations around campus

Price: $2.89

A little something extra: They’ll heat it up for you!

She said: It just looks like a classic piece of banana bread.

He said: It looks...loafy.

She said: And I like that they heated it up. That’s a nice addition.

He said: It is better.

She said: It’s your classic piece of banana bread. There’s no “bananza wanza” factor.

He said: I’m not going bananas for this banana bread. That being said, it’s super convenient, it’s super moist, it’s super classic, it’s great for a craving. It also pairs really lovely with peanut butter if you want to turn it into breakfast. But does it upstage the family recipe?

She said: I wouldn’t say that this would replace the family recipe, but this would be what your neighbour Betty would bring to the yard sale. Like, this is Betty’s vibe of banana bread, whereas ours would be slightly better.

He said: It’s not family recipe, but I’m not mad about it.

3. Blue Chip Cafe

The Nest

Price: $2.65

A little something extra: It’s vegan!

She said: Oooh, this has banana in it. This is the most banana-y banana bread. I would not have been able to tell that this was vegan.

He said: It’s moist. It’s chewy.

She said: I’d say that’s 5/5 banana.

He said: Honestly? I’m not getting that much banana.

She said: What!? All I’m tasting is banana, that is it. Out of all the ones I’ve had, this is the most banana.

He said: Is it??

She said: Yes! Unless I just got pure banana in the first bit?

He said: Maybe I just need to answer my phone—ring ring, it’s banana! But does it upstage the family recipe?

He said: It’s not something I would uproot my family recipe for, but if you’re looking for a vegan option, sure!

She said: Granny liked to bake with eggs, so this wouldn’t uproot the recipe.

4. Bean Around the World

6308 Thunderbird Blvd

Price: $3.15

A little something extra: Chocolate chips and a mystery flavour.

He said: It’s definitely the most cakey. It’s like a banana cake.

She said: It’s dense.

He said: I really like the chocolate. I think it’s the most dessert-y that we’ve eaten. There is a flavour I can’t put my tongue on. It’s almost like orange zest?

She said: This is, I think, my favourite moist level. When they wrap it in clingfilm, it keeps all the moisture in and it really pays off. It won’t dry out if you bring it to class. It’ll stay moist no matter what time you decide to consume it.  

He said: It’s not traditional. It’s a rule-breaking banana bread. It’s something different—it’s good if you’re looking for something cakey. It’s a thick slice. The chocolate chunks are really good. The moistness is really good.

She said: But is it better than the family recipe?

He said: It’s not something I would make at home, so it does rival the family recipe. On the books, I like this, it’s a risk.

She said: If I knew what the extra flavour was, I think this could replace the family recipe on special occasions.

5. The Loop (Food Services)

CIRS - 2260 West Mall

Price: $2.78

A little something extra: Ponderosa cake was invented at UBC.

She said: Ugh, but she moist.

He said: There’s a good taste of banana, it’s got chocolate and cinnamon.

She said: The chocolate isn’t overpowering, it’s just doing what it needs to do.

He said: Everything is awesome.

She said: I’d give it 4 bananas.

He said: It’s our most banana to date, for me.

She said: Whenever you need that hit of sugar, it’s a great one to carry in your backpack. And because it’s available all over campus, no matter where you are, you can pick up a piece!

He said: They sell out by the end of the day and I can see why, I get it, I would sell it out. Is it better than the family recipe?

She said: My family does make Ponderosa cake and it was inspired by this Ponderosa cake.

He said: I hate your family.

Whether you like your banana bread cakey, loafy, chocolatey, or moist, UBC’s got you covered!