March 6, 2020
3 mins read

Snacks of UBC: Cookies

Snacks of UBC

Paired perfectly with a glass of milk, the cookie is the ideal treat. It's a casual snack that requires no prep!

Whether you’re a sucker for the classic chocolate chip or perhaps something a little more gourmet, UBC’s got your cookie cravings covered.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at the finest, freshest, most fabulous cookies to consume when you need that extra crunchy kick of carbs. Join us for this highlight reel of the best cookies UBC has to offer!

JJ Bean Coffee Roasters

6005 University Boulevard

Ginger Molasses Cookie

Price: $2.90 plus tax

Crunchy/moist: Who says you have to pick one? It’s the best of both worlds, babyyyy.

Tastiness: An ideal level of spiciness and sweetness to get your taste buds spiralling to the next level.

How many bites? This is a sizable cookie. About 10-15 bites to finish the whole thing!

Shawn: A seasonal special indicative of the quality of other JJ Bean selections! I feel so rejuvenated. Hit that k-pop playlist!

Kana: For one, I will say the lack of crumble everywhere is a good thing—especially when you're snacking in class.

Shawn: And when you’re snacking, enjoy it slowly; this gives credit to the nature of molasses. 

What fortune does this cookie give you?

Kana: After you've conquered the spices in this cookie, the odds will be in your flavour—like getting a v productive study sesh! 

Blue Chip Cafe

6133 University Blvd

Marbelous Cookie

Price: $2.60 plus tax

Crunchy/moist? Crisp on the edges but perfectly soft on the inside.

Tastiness: The iconic melted white chocolate will definitely make you want to come back!

How many bites? About 8-10 bites to finish this one. A standard size for the average cookie consumer. 

Kana: The sweetness this cookie provides is really good bang for your buck.

Shawn: Definitely! It’s also like those crime stories from the 1930’s: cozy, subtly layered, reminiscent of a well-tended fireplace, and quite a menagerie of character[istic]s.

Kana: The chocolatey goodness melts in my mouth, so good!

What fortune does this cookie give you?

Shawn: You’ll meet somebody tough on the outside...but a real softie on the inside!

Ike’s Café

1961 East Mall

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie

Price: $1.26

Crunchy/moist? It has a really nice crispy crunch to it.

Tastiness: Smiley face.

How many bites? 5-8 bites. Easy to gulp down as you rush to your next class.

Shawn: This cookie is pre-wrapped and ready to go. So accessible!

Kana: This is also a great example of “the way the cookie crumbles”?

Shawn: If cookies be the food of LOVE, eat on.

What fortune does this cookie give you?

Kana: This macadamia will level up your prowess in academia!


6138 Student Union Blvd

Chocolate Chip and M&M Cookie

Price: $0.89 plus tax

Crunchy/moist? CrUnCh cRuNcH.

Tastiness: If you want to try something new!

How many bites? 5-8 bites.

Kana: Simple. Unique. Very crisp.

Shawn: Indeed, indeed. How it sharpens up your molars! Work that jaw.

Kana: But tougher than my exams this term? Probably not?

What fortune does this cookie give you?

Shawn: Your wallet will stay thicc.

The Verdict

Kana: All the cookies definitely satisfied my sweet tooth. If I had to go with one to pick up between classes, I would go with the gooey and glorious Marbelous cookie from Blue Chip!

Shawn: [languishes in indecision for 30 minutes, making this a 33 mins read]. Okay, okay. If I must choose, I’ll get that Ginger Molasses cookie from JJ Bean. My life is like Maroon 5's—it needs some sweetness.

Dough let your inner Cookie Monster take over, and go find out what *nom* *nom* really means to you!