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hot chocolate illustrations
January 17, 2020
3 mins read

Snacks of UBC: Hot Chocolate

Snacks of UBC

It tastes like coming home from school on Friday in the middle of January with your best friend and begging your mom for some sweet, sweet, hot sugar water. 

Delightful on its own and even more so with some marshmallows, hot chocolate is the saving grace of cold days. Join us as we take a tour of the best cocoa UBC has to offer!

The Boulevard Coffee Roasting Co.

5970 University Blvd

Price: $4.00

Hot or not: Juuuuust right. 

Flavour factor: Willy Wonka himself would want the recipe for this chocolate-y concoction. 

Presentation: Cute, but not enough to stop me from taking a sip.

Jordan: It tastes like they melted a chocolate bar and added just the right amount of milk. Creamy and delicious.

Kana: Agreed, the creaminess underneath the thick layer of foam is perfect! 

Jordan: The hint of something nutty really rounds out this soothing drink. 

Does this cocoa drive you loco? 

Kana: The ideal drink for a cold winter day.

Loafe Cafe

6163 University Blvd

Price: $3.68

Hot or not: Perfect to sip right away!

Flavour factor: A good balance between chocolate and milk.

Presentation: The simple white ceramic cup against the swirly mixture makes for a really nice presentation.

Kana: The drink has a solid milky base that makes it easy to drink.

Jordan: Don’t forget your milk money for this soothing homey beverage.

Kana: Not too rich—so you could drink a lot of it if you wanted to!

Does this cocoa drive you loco? 

Jordan: It would definitely compliment a chocolate croissant from Loafe!

Stir It Up Café

1866 Main Mall

Price: $3.83

Hot or not: Got heat? This drink does! 

Flavour factor: A great source of your daily dose of calcium.

Presentation: Real streamlined in a paper cup to clutch as you dash to your next class.

Jordan: Brilliantly pairs with some good cookies for dipping. 

Kana: Absolutely! It’s a perfect treat to grab between back-to-back classes.

Jordan: Grande size for a tall price, this hot chocolate packs some sweet bang-for-your-buck. 

Does this cocoa drive you loco? 

Kana: Effortless and quick, the hot chocolate of your packed-student-schedule dreams.

Hero Coffee + Market

6363 Agronomy Rd

Price: $4.15

Hot or not: Comfortably hot, similar to the blast of heat from the 99 B-line driving by on a brisk winter day. 

Flavour factor: Flavourful and fragrant, everything you need in your basic cocoa!

Presentation: The added whipped cream is the crème de la crème.

Kana: With a drink jazzed up with soft peaks, who said being a university student means giving up luxury?

Jordan: The spiders in my basement abode would probably say just that, but this would definitely have gotten me through some early morning treks from Orchard Commons to class if I had lived here.

Kana: Although I’m usually confined to Buchanan, this is definitely worth the hike. 

Does this cocoa drive you loco? 

Jordan: It’s a sweet treat for fall mornings. 

Starbucks Coffee

6190 Agronomy Rd #3

Price: $3.83

Hot or not: Works both as a drink and as a hand warmer. 

Flavour factor: The exact taste you think of when you imagine the quintessential hot chocolate.

Presentation: It has that signature Starbucks sheen. 

Jordan: A great choice if you want to share with the friends you make in line while you wait. 

Kana: This drink is the ideal comfort drink to accompany me when I'm grinding through the exam season.

Jordan: You got it—when all your friends (Starbucks line buddies or otherwise) finish exams before you, you need a drink like this for companionship. 

Does this cocoa drive you loco? 

Kana: A classic take on a classic drink.

So get in the winter mood, cozy up by the fireplace, and treat yourself to a delicious cup of hot chocolate!