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October 11, 2019
2 mins read

Snacks of UBC: Sushi

Snacks of UBC

From all-you-can-eat sushi buffets to esteemed restaurants that import their rice straight from Japan—you’re never far from great sushi in Vancouver (or at UBC!).

Today, we’re reviewing one of the iconic rolls in Vancouver: the Dynamite roll. With a perfect combination of prawn tempura and vegetables like avocado and cucumber, the Dynamite Roll is peak sushi. Also, it’s speculated that it was originally invented here!

We’re looking at the 2 main factors that make this sushi iconic:

  1. The texture of the rice—is it fluffy and flavourful? Is it sticky (but not too sticky)?
  2. Fillings—are they well balanced? Is there too much rice/shrimp/avocado? Is there enough in one piece to sustain you?

We took this criteria, two empty stomachs, and our adventurous spirits for a sushi trek around campus.

Bento Sushi

2015 Main Mall

Price: $9.96

Is the rice nice: If you’re worried about making a mess, this firm rice is the perfect solution!

Fresh filling factor: The drizzle of teriyaki sauce really tied the whole roll together.

Sara: A highlight for me is definitely the location. I’ve picked up some sushi here between classes while I run from Buchanan to EOSC.

Aaron: Every roll has its role—this is for sushi on the go.

Sara: You’re sure to find a combo for you, since they always have stacks of sushi ready.

How dynamite is this Dynamite roll?

Aaron: A sushi blast for when you’re running to class!

One More Sushi

2155 Allison Road #222

Price: $7.35

Is the rice nice: The chef did a rice job on this one.

Fresh filling factor: Bountiful and bursting with filling.

Sara: Ooh! I like the lettuce, it adds a refreshing touch to this already massive roll.

Aaron: More like, lettuce get another one of these rolls!

Sara: There’s a lot going on—in the best way possible. A place where you wanna dine in and enjoy the flavours and ambiance.

How dynamite is this Dynamite roll?

Aaron: It’s a flavour explosion!

Honour Roll

6133 University Blvd

Price: $5.78

Is the rice nice: This roll came with a thick slab of rice—if you like your sushi sticky, this is the spot for you.

Fresh filling factor: The price is right.

Aaron: Not super hungry? This sushi is a great healthy snack.

Sara: I could stand to share a few pieces of this sushi.

Aaron: If you want lots of sushi, show up before closing and get 2-for-1 rolls!

How dynamite is this Dynamite roll?

Sara: Small but mighty, like the sparklers at a birthday party.

Miyamae Sushi

5726 University Blvd

Price: $4.73

Is the rice nice: It’s got stick and that’s no trick!

Fresh filling factor: Well-balanced and fresh to order.

Aaron: For less than the price of a latté, you’ve got lunch covered!

Sara: A hidden gem of campus sushi, it’s worth a trek to the International Food Village basement.

Aaron: This spot is soy good.

How dynamite is this Dynamite roll?

Sara: It’s Dynamite with a capital D.

Aaron: It’s the bomb-dot-com!

There are so many places to try sushi on campus—so get outside your bento box and discover a new one today!