Renting in Vancouver
July 26, 2017
1 min read

A student’s introduction to renting in Vancouver

Searching for a place to live as a university student can be a daunting experience.

UBC students live both on and off-campus, depending on their preference. If you are looking to live off-campus, UBC Housing has a resource page that will guide you through finding a place to rent.

Just as it is important to find a place to live, it’s also crucial to understand your rights as a tenant in BC. Some of you may be moving into a UBC residence in September, and your rights will differ from those renting in BC. Your rights and responsibilities as a resident in UBC Student Housing are outlined in your Residence Contract.

We know that finding information on tenant rights can be overwhelming, so for those of you moving into Vancouver housing outside of UBC residence, we’ve created an infographic to introduce you to the basics.

Tenants rights

That was a lot of information! Remember, this infographic is only an introduction to tenant rights in BC. While you are renting, you may run into other tenancy rights-related issues such as maintenance and repairs, moving out, or subletting. We recommend you browse some of the links provided in the resource section below to become better informed about your rights. Happy renting!


Tenant Rights

Residential Tenancy Act

Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre

Notice of Rent Increase Form


Renting It Right Course

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BCAA Tenant Insurance


Residential Tenancy Branch

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner