Study Spaces
October 3, 2017
1 min read

Study spots on campus

There’s one thing that all UBC students excel at: studying.

You can choose your perfect study spot from so many different spaces on campus—and now they’re easier than ever to find! Learning Spaces at UBC has a full list of all spaces around campus that you can use for academic purposes.

Did you know:

  • Most buildings with general-use classrooms in them are now open every weekday from at least 7:30 am to 8:00 pm.

  • Students can use the AV resources available in the spaces around campus.

(Pretty great perks for the student academic life!)

Find your spot

As midterm season approaches, it’s a good time to find your spot to study:

  • There are a ton of informal learning spaces you can use. Explore your options and try different spots on campus.

  • Book rooms in a library for your group study session.

  • You can use empty classrooms to study.

  • Rent whiteboard markers from the Chapman Learning Commons in Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, and use the whiteboards around campus. Just make sure to erase your notes before you leave.

  • If you're studying alone or late at night, you can contact Safewalk to escort you safely to your destination. Campus Security is available 24/7 at 604-822-2222.

It’s impressive just how many spaces are open all over campus for students to study in peace or in the company of others. Explore and find the best place that works for your style of studying.