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3 students at Imagine UBC
August 23, 2017
1 min read

Why transfer students should attend Imagine UBC

You might think that Imagine UBC isn’t for you, as a student who’s already had the “starting at university” experience. But this testimonial from a fellow transfer student, Caelan Huesing, might convince you otherwise:

Imagine UBC is a great start for transfer students who are looking to make friends, and get involved at UBC. Even if you don’t meet your new UBC best friend, or find a group you’d like to get involved with, it is an easy way to meet some friendly faces, and get more familiar with the campus.

As a new student it’s easy to isolate yourself at a school like UBC since it’s so big and there is an overwhelming amount of things you can be involved with. Imagine UBC puts you in a group with other transfer students and leaders who are in the same program as you.

I met one of my best friends, who happened to also be in one of my first classes at UBC. I was also exposed to lots of opportunities for students in my program.

All in all, Imagine UBC helped me integrate into the UBC community.  

By exploring campus with your orientation group, meeting your faculty Deans, and visiting some of the over 350+ club booths, you’ll be able to make little connections all day long that will help kick start your UBC experience.