Centre for Student Involvement & Careers

About the Centre for Student Involvement & Careers

The Centre for Student Involvement & Careers is here to support students from their first day on campus until after they graduate in the following ways:

Orientation and peer mentoring

Through orientation and peer mentoring, the Centre supports new students to become successful university learners. It is a central point for all graduate and undergraduate students and employers on the UBC Vancouver campus to meet, connect, network, and build relationships; as well as to research and find career options.

Building your career

The Centre provides all UBC students with access and connection to workplace learning, mentoring, volunteer and leadership opportunities. The Centre also offers career- and employment-related services to students, academic departments, employers, parents, and alumni.

Top reasons to connect

  • Get started with career advising 
  • Learn about UBC work or volunteer opportunities
  • Review your job application, resume, or cover letter with a Career Advisor
  • Attend a career-building workshop
  • Connect with employers and alumni

Connect with a Career Advisor

Career Advisors are professional UBC staff who can discuss career options, job search strategies, grad school applications, and more with you.

  1. Log into CareersOnline as a student with your CWL. 
  2. Select “Advising Appt” on the left menu. 
  3. Choose “Request New Appointment”.
  4. If you have a specific date, time, or advisor you want to meet, fill out the fields. Otherwise, leave the fields empty and click “Check availability”.
  5. Select your desired appointment time and complete the information requested.

Drop-in advising

Talk to an advisor from Monday to Friday between 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, in person on the main floor of Brock Hall. Drop-in advisors can answer quick questions, recommend resources, and help you take the next step towards your career goals.

Programs offered

The Centre for Student Involvement & Careers organizes workshops, events, and programs for students in job search, networking, research, and more.

Jobs and involvement opportunities

Orientations and your first year


Career resources