Global Fund

About the UBC and AMS Global Fund

The Global Fund supports projects led by students in partnership with a BC-based community organization to address social justice and/or environmental justice issues. Strong projects will have an intercultural focus. The Fund ranges from $3,000 to $5,000.

Application dates

The Global Fund is currently accepting funding applications until Sun, Feb 4, 2024.

What the grant can fund

The grant can fund projects that serve communities based off campus in collaboration with a community partner. Off-campus activities include workshops, community meetings, initiatives, community events, forums, or education, health, environmental, and cultural-based projects.

Eligible community partners include nonprofits, public sector organizations, registered charities, societies, cooperatives, First Nations Communities, schools, and municipal, federal, or provincial government offices.

Below are examples of how you can use the funding:

  • Continuing a project that you were involved in as part of a course-based or volunteer placement, or with a community organization you are already connected to
  • Developing and hosting workshops based on the community’s interests and needs
  • Supporting an existing community-directed initiative, such as a communications campaign, program, or an event for a particular community group

Funds can cover the cost of materials, travel, printing costs, space rentals, catering or meals, and other relevant project needs.

How to apply

  1. The fund is open to all UBC Vancouver students in an undergraduate or graduate program. Review the eligibility guidelines (pdf) to determine if your project meets the requirements.
  2. Read the Application Toolkit (pdf), which provides guidance on how to respond to each of the sections in the application.
  3. Complete the Global Fund application package (pdf) and upload it through the online application link.
  4. Use the Grant Partnership Agreement (pdf) to establish project expectations, needs, and processes with your community partner.

Apply online

Reporting requirements

A 1) Final Project Report detailing project outcomes and student learning, and 2) an Expense Report are required to be submitted to CCEL following project completion.

Successful fund applicants are required to submit the following documents to CCEL: 

  • A final project report detailing the project outcomes
  • An expense report of how the fund was used

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