Learn about disability programs and initiatives on campus, take positive action or find support and assistance.

Make a positive change

We seek to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students. By taking part in the following programs and initiatives, you can make a positive change on campus and the wider community.

Attend a disability awareness workshop

Centre for Accessibility provide disability workshops, including disability awareness training, on request or as part of scheduled classes. Contact Ruth Warick, Diversity Advisor-Disability to request a workshop.

Learn to speak up with the Active Bystander program

The Active Bystander program is an expanded student leadership program, designed to provide students the knowledge, skills, and build confidence to act in response to discriminatory comments, jokes, innuendo and stigmatizing situations on campus. The program not only educates students about diversity, but provides strategies to be an effective Active Bystander.

Contribute to an inclusive campus community by:

  • Take part in a Community Building through Action workshop
  • Learn to be an Active Bystander Facilitator. Click here for more information.
  • See Something? Say Something. Do Something. Be a part of UBC campus communities.

Become an Equity Ambassador

Equity Ambassadors work toward creating an inclusive learning and working environment. These goals are achieved through training, ongoing support and education, one-on-one interactions, participation in program committees, workshop facilitation, networking, and attendance at events on campus. Learn more.

Help improve campus accessiblity

Students enrolled in PLAN 515: Qualitative Methods & Research Design undertake research projects related to accessibility. Students with a disability are invited to participate in these projects to help the class gain a better understanding of accessibility issues on campus.

This research helps Centre for Accessibility create an inclusive and accessible campus community. If you wish to be involved in a project, email Ruth Warick, Senior Diversity Advisor-Disability. 

Find support and assistance

Support for students with a disability or ongoing medical condition

Centre for Accessibility provides support and program initiatives designed to remove barriers for students with a disability or ongoing medical condition.

A variety of support is available for eligible students. This includes academic accommodations such as exam adaptations or the production of alternate-format material. They also provide non-academic services including mobility training and priority placement for on-campus housing.

Priority access to housing

All applications for on-campus residence must be made through UBC Student Housing and Hospitality Services.

If, as a student with a disability or chronic medical condition, you feel that you need to live on campus or you have special requirements for student housing, please review the Priority Housing Request Form to determine if you should apply. 

Application Deadline is February 15

Additional Criteria

(must have ONE of the following)

  1. You are a newly admitted student who identifies as an Aboriginal person of Canada.
  2. You are a new student and have a disability or ongoing medical condition that significantly affects your housing needs. 

You are required to provide medical documentation indicating the presence of a disability or chronic medical condition, and how that condition necessitates on-campus housing. 

In order to be recommended for priority access, you must have disability-related needs that cannot be met in off-campus housing. The presence of a disability is insufficient to qualify for priority placement. Priority access is only considered in exceptional circumstances.

Placements are typically offered in year-round housing.

Course Load Requirements

If, as a student with a disability or chronic medical condition, you are unable to meet Student Housing’s credit load requirement (9 credits/term) for disability-related reasons, you can make a request to your Diversity Advisor – Disability to be considered eligible to remain in student housing with a minimum of 6 credits/term.

Navigating to, from and around campus

UBC Centre for Accessibility provide a variety of services and accommodations to ensure our campus is as accessible as possible.

Check out navigating to, from and around campus for full details .

Community resources

The following resources can help you further your understanding of disabiity issues or find community support. 

  • Adaptech

    Conducts research on the use of computer, information, and adaptive technologies by Canadian post-secondary students with disabilities.

  • Assistive Technology BC (ATBC)

    Provides assistive technology consultations and support to students through post-secondary institutions in British Columbia. ATBC adjudicates BC’s Canada Student Grants for technology.

  • Canadian Disabilities Study Association

    Provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and scholarship regarding disability and annually sponsors workshops as part of the Congress of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences.

  • National Educational Association of Disabled Students

    Is a national organization run by and for post-secondary students with disabilities and provides students with resources related to post-secondary study and career pursuits.

  • Social Planning and Research Council of BC (SPARC)

    Issues permits for eligibility to park in designated accessible parking spots for persons with a disability.

Discrimination and harassment

UBC is committed to creating and fostering a learning environment that is free of all forms of discrimination and harassment.

Services are available to assist you if you experience discrimination or harassment, and to take action if necessary. Learn more about how to respond if you experience discrimination or harassment.

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