Students who are parents

Many students bring their families with them when they attend UBC. If you are a student who is a parent, there are plenty of programs, resources and initiatives that can assist you.

Finding your community

Community centres and family activities

  • UNA Community Centres
    The University Neighbourhoods Association has two facilities available to families, and also runs many recreational programs.

  • Old Barn Community Centre
    An on-campus community centre that offers ongoing programs for families and children.

  • Wesbrook Community Centre
    An on-campus facility with a fully equipped gymnasium and fitness centre, art and dance studios and a range of class and meeting rooms.

  • West Point Grey Community Centre
    Offers programming in recreation, sport and the arts for all age groups.

  • Kids Vancouver
    A guide on what to do with your children in the Vancouver area.

  • Kids Up Front
    Kids Up Front is a charitable organization that provides access to arts, culture, sports and recreation for kids who otherwise would not have the opportunity.

  • Vancouver Inspiration Pass
    A free cultural and recreational pass program that allows individuals and families free access to attractions and facilities.

  • UBC Sports Camp
    Runs sports programs for all ages, including specialty camps for children and youth during the summer, winter, and spring breaks.

  • Kitsilano Neighbourhood House
    Offers community services including child care, out of school care and parents groups, as well as welcoming community programs including English language conversation circles. 

Support on campus

Caring for children while at university can be a challenging experience. In addition to time and financial pressures, many students may also be caring for children far from family support systems.

Support services and initiatives

There a number of ways to reach out and receive support as a student parent at UBC.

  • AMS food bank

    The UBC/AMS Student Food Bank provides emergency food relief to current UBC students. All UBC students are welcome to use the Student Food Bank by showing a valid student ID card.

    Please note this is an emergency service only. 

  • Financial emergencies

    If you have a financial emergency, make an appointment with an Enrolment Services Advisor right away. They can help you explore your options and manage your finances.

  • Rental Assistance Program

    The Rental Assistance Program provides cash assistance to help with monthly rent payments. To be eligible, you must be a Canadian resident with household income of $35,000 or less, have at least one dependent child, and have been employed at some point over the last year. The waiting list for subsidized housing involves a long wait, so apply early and always specify the exact building you would like.

  • YWCA UBC Single Mothers' Group

    A friendly and supportive space for women who are studying and/or working on UBC campus. It’s a group designed for connecting and sharing the experiences of balancing work, study and solo parenting. This open, welcoming group meets twice a month at UBC Acadia High Rise.


Looking after your child

Child care

Both on and off campus child care services are available for UBC students. Find out more about the child care options available to you.

Registering your child in school

Helpful information on how to register your children in school for domestic and international students.

Vaccinations / immunizations

Vaccinations protect people of all ages from harmful bacteria and viruses. Doctors, pharmacists and nurses provide vaccinations at local public and private health facilities. 

Be sure to keep complete records of immunizations for you and your family. An immunization record is usually requested when your child is registered to enter day care, preschool, kindergarten, school and certain programs in post-secondary institutions. 

The BC Routine Immunization Schedule provides a list of vaccines provided free to residents of BC, to help you determine when your family needs to be immunized.

Breastfeeding on campus

Private and semi-private spaces for breastfeeding are available on campus. Most spaces are open to anyone attending to a child's needs, but some of spaces may be women only due to their location. 

Each Breastfeeding-Friendly Space has:

  • Quiet, clean and sanitary spaces identified by common signage
  • Comfortable seating, electrical outlets, and change table in room or a nearby washroom
  • Sanitization and educational information for families

For details of each space, visit UBC Human Resources.

International students

Rights and responsibilities

Laws about the rights and responsibilities of parents in BC and in Canada may be different from those in your home country. Be sure to read Caring for Children: Parents’ Rights and Responsibilities, a booklet published in several languages by the People’s Law School.

English Classes for Children

Many schools offer ESL classes for their students as part of the regular curriculum. For information about these programs, contact the Immigrant Services Society of BC at 604.684.2561 or email

Documentation for your family

If you're bringing your family to Canada - or want to invite friends or family to visit - make sure they have the documentation they need.

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