Award period, value, and payment for Work Learn International Undergraduate Research Awards

Award period

The minimum duration of a Work Learn International Undergraduate Research Award is 16 consecutive weeks of full-time work, including 35 paid hours a week and a one-hour unpaid daily lunch break. Under exceptional circumstances, the UBC Career Centre may approve awards for periods of less than 16 weeks. Approval is needed in advance.

At the end of the award, you will be asked to complete an evaluation, which you will receive from the UBC Career Centre.

Value and payment

Award value

The Work Learn International Undergraduate Research Awards have a value of $8,700 for Faculty of Arts, and $6,000 for all other faculties. This amount will be reimbursed to your project supervisor's account.

Faculty supervisors are required to supplement the amount of the award using other sources such as university funds or funds from research grants to meet BC’s minimum wage requirements.

Work payment and benefits

Based on the current BC’s minimum wage requirements (minimum wage of $16.75/hour), the minimum pay for the duration of your award of 16 weeks is $9,755.20, inclusive of 4% vacation pay. If the award is longer than 16 weeks, your pay should increase by a minimum of $609.70 for each additional week, inclusive of 4% vacation pay, or $121.94 for each additional day, inclusive of 4% vacation pay.

Supervisors are also required to fund benefits such as Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Employment Insurance (EI), and Workers Compensation Board (WCB). These benefits amount to approximately 7.48% of your salary.

You will receive your payment from UBC following its pay procedures. You will also receive a T4 or T4A slip (Statement of Income) for tax purposes from UBC Payroll. Learn about taxes in Canada.

If you plan to work part-time at any point, your supervisor will not be reimbursed by the Award. Additionally, no payment will be approved for the vacation leave you take during the work period of the award.

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