Industry Nights

About Industry Nights

UBC Industry Nights is a networking series and career building experience organized by the Centre for Student Involvement and Careers.

The event is designed to provide students from all faculties with an opportunity to engage their interests and curiosities, to test assumptions, and to learn about the world of work. It is focused on creating value for all participants, by bringing together faculty, alumni, students, and employers to discuss a specific industry including related research, current trends, events, challenges, opportunities, and more.

Careers in XR (Virtual and Augmented Reality)

On March 29, 2022, the Industry Nights series hosted a Careers in XR (Virtual and Augmented Reality) event.

About Extended Reality (XR)

XR is a catch-all phrase that encompasses technology like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). From communications to e-commerce to healthcare, the AR/VR economy is all-encompassing and growing rapidly, increasing by 10 times in 3 years to reach $300 billion globally by 2024. The number of jobs in this sector is expected to increase to 23 million by 2030.

With the rise in interactions with AR/VR within our daily lives, this emerging sector is becoming a new reality for job seekers. Vancouver is an AR/VR economic hub, with the second-largest AR/VR ecosystem in the world. As the metaverse virtual landscape continues to expand, companies will be hiring for all aspects of the economy that augmented and virtual reality technology will support.

The virtual event shared information about the following:

  • Career opportunities in extended reality
  • Firsthand experiences of industry professionals
  • How you can build a career in this field

Keynote session

A keynote session focused on sharing what you need to learn to work in Extended Realities.

The keynote provided useful tools and strategies to increase opportunities of transitioning into various career paths by directing the knowledge you learn from the courses you are taking and further self-managing the skills you acquire beyond those courses. The keynote drew from key twenty-first century competencies, persistent networks within the XR industry, provincial and federal trends, and experience from mentoring students on immersive and mixed reality project-based courses.

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