Bachelor of Education

The Bachelor of Education is an intensive program with significant costs. Understanding your costs is essential to building a sound financial plan and a successful year of study.

Understanding your costs

Start by using the cost calculator to estimate your costs for the year, including tuition, fees and living expenses. Next, look at the resources available to you. You are expected to prepare for the costs of the Bachelor of Education program by accessing all resources available, including but not limited to:

  • Parent and family support

  • Summer earnings

  • Personal savings

  • Government student loans

  • Bursaries

  • Part-time work

Awards and Bursaries


Awards for both new and continuing Education students are administered by the Faculty of Education. You may also apply for other awards for UBC students.

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You are encouraged to apply for the UBC General Bursary program as another type of financial support. 

  • Your program is eligible for a limited number of bursaries and therefore your full unmet need may not be filled
  • If you receive a bursary through the Winter Bursary program, you will not be eligible for more assistance in the Summer Bursary program as your unmet need will have already been considered for the full year

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Student loans

Government student loans are available to help supplement your financial resources. It is important to note that these loans will not cover all your costs for the BEd program. 

  • Your student loan will be disbursed in two unequal instalments

  • Check your loan assessment for exact amounts and disbursement dates

  • Your loan disbursement dates will not match your tuition due dates, so make sure to plan ahead

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Student line of credit

A student line of credit may be an option for you to make sure you have enough money to cover your costs. 

To apply you can inquire at any private bank. Bring your letter of acceptance to UBC, or a proof of enrolment letter, which you can download from your Student Service Centre (SSC) account.

Work opportunities

The BEd program involves an intense course load and finding time to work may be difficult.

Work Learn position may be your best option if you choose to work during your studies. It's great way to earn extra money during the academic year without having to work a lot of hours. For other part-time work, have a look at other part-time jobs on campus.

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