Build your campus health kit

Whether you’re new to UBC or are a returning student, it’s a good idea to make sure you have all the health supplies and documentation you need to have a healthy, successful year.

Start your kit

What to include in your campus health kit


  • Fever-reducing and pain medication such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen

  • Anti-nausea medication like dimenhydrinate (commonly marketed under brand names like Gravol and Dramamine, but generic brands will work just as well)
  • Thermometer so you can check your temperature
  • Decongestants for stuffy sinuses caused by colds
  • Antihistamines for allergic reactions
  • Lozenges for sore throats
  • Bandages for minor cuts and scrapes
  • Soap to clean your minor cuts and scrapes; no need for anything stronger
  • Triangular bandage for sprains, strains, or breaks to provide support until you can see a doctor
  • Tweezers for splinters
  • Sunscreen to prevent uncomfortable sunburns


  • Bring copies of prescriptions to Student Health Services so the doctors and nurses know what you are taking. This includes a copy of your eyeglass or contact lens prescription.
  • Keep a copy of your emergency contacts in a convenient location. These can include your parents, Residence Advisor (if you live in residence), extended family, and friends.

Discover health services

Getting to know your community health services

  • Make an appointment with Student Health Services, UBC’s on-campus medical clinic for students, to establish your health care at UBC. Student Health Service doctors can act as your family doctor while you are a student at UBC.
  • If you prefer, locate a family physician off campus who is accepting patients and make an appointment to establish your care there. Keep your doctor's phone number in a convenient location.
  • Locate a pharmacy to stock up on basic supplies or fill prescriptions.
  • Locate nearby emergency services, like your local emergency room. UBC Vancouver campus has an Urgent Care Centre, and 24-hour emergency care is available at nearby Vancouver General Hospital.

When to seek medical attention

  • Most cuts and scrapes, colds, and flus can be treated at home with self-care.
  • If you are unsure if you need medical attention, you can call the UBC Student Health Service Nurse Line at 604 822 2070, or HealthLink BC at 811.