Implied Status

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Study Permit

If your study permit expires after Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has received an application for the extension of the permit, you will still be considered a temporary resident of Canada until a decision about your application is made. This is known as implied status. With this status, you may continue studying (and working, if eligible via your study permit) in Canada until you receive a response from IRCC as long as you remain in Canada.

If you leave Canada with implied status, you may re-enter, provided that you have valid TRV, are from a TRV-exempt country or have a TRV exemption under R190(3)(f) (Temporary residents – including students - from TRV-required countries who have implied status and are seeking re-entry to Canada following a visit only to the United States or St. Pierre and Miquelon are still considered to be TRV exempt).  In this case, however, you may not resume study or work until your application for renewal is granted.

Note: It is strongly recommended that, when re-entering Canada at the border (port of entry), you present documentary proof of your application (copy of your application, copy of the fee payment receipt, copy of the letter of confirmation sent by IRCC etc.) for an extension as a student.

Your study permit is your primary immigration document that shows your legal status in Canada. If your study permit expires, your other documents (e.g., Medical Services Plan (MSP), Social Insurance Number (SIN), BC Services Card) will expire too. However, if you have implied status, BC MSP and Service Canada may recognize it, so you may still be eligible to use your SIN and MSP. 

Medical Services Plan (MSP)

If you have implied status, your BC MSP will end on the expiry date of your current immigration document and will not be activated until you provide BC MSP with proof of your new immigration document (i.e. a copy of your study permit or post-graduation work permit). See how to extend your MSP. You may be eligible to request continuous coverage and a reinstatement of your BC MSP by mailing a written request (a letter explaining your status and your request) and a copy of your new immigration document to BC MSP. If approved for continuous coverage, you will be requested to pay for the monthly premiums for the months in which you held implied status and any medical expenses incurred during your implied status may be eligible for reimbursement only up to the fees that BC MSP will normally pay for.  

Social Insurance Number (SIN)

A SIN is required for paid work in Canada. SINs that start with “9” are issued to temporary residents (such as international students). Your SIN’s expiration date generally corresponds with the expiry date of your status in Canada, such as your study permit expiration date.

If you have implied status, you may continue working with your expired SIN until you receive an answer from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). You can show proof of your implied status (for example, an IRCC application payment receipt or letter confirming the submission of an application for extension, available within your MyCIC) to your employer, you can also send more reference information about SIN to your employer.

After you receive your new extended study or work permit, you can extend your SIN by presenting it to Service Canada.