Mercante pizza
August 8, 2023
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17 of the best places to eat at UBC

Whether you’re satisfied by salads and pizza, or crave cookies or carrots, you’ll find what you're looking for on campus.

We've narrowed down some of the best places to eat for every meal or craving—most of these have vegan/vegetarian and gluten-free options, but check out their menus in advance to be sure. If you're looking for even more choice, you can also check out our Snacks of UBC series or visit

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Coffee and Breakfast

Blue Chip Cafe


Even though coffee isn’t technically a food, it’s definitely a staple for many UBC students. And you’ll find great coffee at Blue Chip Café! If you have a sweet tooth, pair your coffee with a pastry or snack. Blue Chip Café is famous for its gooey monster cookies and tempting vegan pastries.

Location: 6133 University Blvd. (first floor inside The Nest)

Great Dane Coffee

Great Dane Coffee
Image: Great Dane

Great Dane claims they have “the best coffee on campus”, so you’ll need to stop by and see for yourself. One thing is for certain; there are fewer spaces on campus with a patio as serene and cozy as Great Dane’s (think foliage, a fireplace, and well-spaced tables). If you like a little pastry on the side of your espresso, the scones and croissants are popular choices. If it’s closer to lunch, the grilled sandwiches are also fantastic.

Location: 6011 Walter Gage Rd. (beside Gage Towers)

The Beanery

The Beanery
Image: The Original Beanery Coffee House / UberEats

Nestled in a quiet residential area on the east side of campus, The Beanery Coffee House is best known for unpretentious drinks, sweets, and comfort food. They also serve the famous Grounds for Coffee cinnamon buns, which may or may not become a staple of your time at UBC. You can sit, sip, and study a Sunday away here. It’s also a favourite for students living in nearby Fraserview Crescent or Acadia Park Residence.

Location: 2706 Fairview Cres. (at Fairview Crescent Residence)



Food at Jamjar
Photo credit: Daniel Marquardt

Jamjar's got plenty of vegetarian and meat options that are full of fresh, herb-filled flavour. Pick your dish and get it as a salad, pita wrap, or rice bowl.

Location: 6035 University Blvd.

Honour Roll

Honour Roll

A long-standing UBC institution, Honour Roll is the AMS’ landmark sushi joint located in Level 1 of the Nest. If you can make it here before the lunch rush, you’ll save yourself a long line. Don’t miss it; it’s not open for dinner. But in case you do, there are tons of other sushi options on campus!

Location: 6133 University Blvd. (Level 1 inside The Nest)


Italian style sandwiches stacked on top of one another
Image: @doughgirls via Instagram

Pop over to Wesbrook Village for a cornucopia of comfort food from Doughgirls. They specialize in savoury pies, pastas, baked goods, and sandwiches. Everything is fresh and made from scratch, so if you’re missing mom or dad’s famous lasagna, you might find it here!

Location: 3322 Shrum Lane (in Wesbrook Village)



Sprouts specializes in locally grown (often right on campus at the UBC Farm!), organic, and fair-trade meals. Their volunteers create delicious soups, stews, breads and baked goods in the AMS kitchens—always raw, vegan and/or vegetarian—and serve it at the Sprouts cafe on campus. Sprouts doesn’t offer takeaway containers, so bring your own plate or reusable containers if you’re on the go. Be sure to check out Community Eats, a by-donation hot and nutritious lunch every Friday from 12:00 - 2:00 pm at their Sprouts cafe in the UBC Life building.


  • Sprouts Cafe - Room 0001C, 6138 Student Union Boulevard (in the basement of the UBC Life building)

The Delly


Nestled in the basement of the UBC Student Nest, the Delly serves up some of the best custom-made sandwiches and wraps we’ve ever tasted. Plus, you can get Indian food and salads here (in case you get tired of sandwiches).

Location: 6133 University Blvd. (located in lower level of The Nest)

Harvest grocery store

An array of pre packaged salads containing a variety of fresh ingredients
Photo: Harvest Market grocery store

Harvest is UBC’s favourite grocery store. Stop by to grab fresh fruit, veggies, and basic groceries while you pick up lunch. Harvest has everything from chia parfaits to gourmet salads, sandwiches, desserts, and take-out meals.

Location: Ponderosa Commons (corner of University Blvd. and West Mall)

University Village International Food Court

Korean fried chicken
Image: @runningchicken_ubc via @sexyfoodgirl on Instagram

The International Food Court is an Asian food feast located in University Village, just a few steps from the main section of campus. Get great value on entrées as diverse as sushi, phờ, salad rolls, and Korean fried chicken. This is the perfect spot for hungry students on a budget!

Location: 5726 University Blvd. (located just east of Wesbrook Mall)


A bowl of Pad Thai
Image: @sesame via @foodlees on Instagram

Sesame, located near the bus loop on University Boulevard, serves “authentic Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese flavours, fairly priced and with kindness.” Dishes range from pad thai to curry beef brisket rice. The menu is mostly meat-based but there are a few items for vegetarians, like kung pao eggplant. Meals are typically priced at $10.

Location: 6111 University Blvd.


mercante pizza

At Mercante, you can get mouthwatering authentic Italian pizza cooked in a fiery-hot stone hearth oven. Or, stop by for pasta, salads, desserts, and specialty coffees with the same Italian flair. If you’re a breakfast foodie, try the ham or veggie poached egg sandwich topped with fontina fondue sauce. Bring on the cheese!

Location: 6488 University Blvd. (located at Ponderosa Commons)

Agora Cafe

Agora Cafe
Image: Agora Cafe

You can find affordable vegan or vegetarian food at Agora Cafe, located in the basement of the H. R. MacMillan building. The student-run spot is open for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and also serves tea and coffee. If you’re craving a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich (“PB&J”, locally), this is where you’ll find one for only $2.50!

Location: #59-2357 Main Mall (in the basement of the H.R. MacMillan Building)

Dinner and Late Night

Koerner’s Pub

Double bacon cheeseburger
Image: @koernerspub via Instagram

Hang out with friends over Koerner's delicious burgers, tacos and yam fries. Vegan options are available too!

Location: 1758 West Mall (on the north side of campus near the Rose Garden)

Pizza Garden

Pizza Garden
Image: Pizza Garden

Some of the best fast-food pizza can be found at Pizza Garden (it’s a few notches higher than other well-known establishments) and it’s open until 1:00 am if you’re studying late on campus or need to fuel up at the end of the night. Go with friends and debate endlessly about whether Pizza Garden, Fresh Slice, or Uncle Fatih’s (both just around the corner) has the better slice.

Location: 5780 University Blvd. (at University Village just east of Wesbrook Mall)

Sweet Treats

Rain or Shine Ice Cream

Ice cream scoops each containing a different flavour of ice cream
Image: Rain or Shine Ice Cream

The name of this place says it all…rain or shine, you’ll find long lineups outside the creamiest ice creamery in Vancouver. Must-try local, seasonal flavours include honey lavender, blueberry balsamic, and salted caramel (our personal favourite).

Location: 6001 University Blvd. (next to JJ Bean at the bus loop)



You have several options for bubble tea on campus, but UBC’s Chatime location might be the most well-known. It serves up milk tea, bubble tea, and smoothies with toppings like pearls and jellies—you can also choose to have your drink made with oat milk if you’re lactose intolerant. Grab a tea right next to the bus loop to enjoy on your commute home or while you meander to class!

Location: 5998 University Blvd. (located in the David Strangway Building at the bus loop)

Food Bank

The AMS Food Bank is an emergency food relief service for UBC students in need. If you’re struggling to afford the basic necessities or experiencing food insecurity, the Food Bank is there to support you. Those in need will receive one bag of groceries up to 16 times per term. And if you don't need to access the food bank, you can always donate non-perishable items.

Location: Room 0032, 6138 Student Union Blvd. (in the UBC Life Building)

I hope you’re ready to enjoy the cornucopia of food choices on campus. Happy munching!