Loans for students from BC

If you are a BC resident in full- or part-time graduate or undergraduate studies at UBC, government student loan assistance may be available to you.

How to apply

  1. Apply online through StudentAid BC (SABC) to be considered for both federal and provincial loans and grants.
  2. Check the Course Load Guide to make sure you're taking enough credits to be eligible for a loan.
  3. Complete your online student loan application at least two months before classes start to receive your funding at the beginning of the term.
  4. Submit the Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA) in timely manner if you are applying for a student loan for the first time.  A late submission can delay your loan.

BC residency requirement

Students are classified either as Dependent or Independent to determine residency and financial need.


Students are considered to be dependent on a financial sponsor, such as their parent(s), unless they meet at least one of the criteria for independent status as defined below.


Students are considered independent if they meet at least one of the following criteria:​

  • Are married on the first day of classes, or are separated, divorced, widowed, a parent or a single parent.
  • Have been out of secondary school for four years (48 months) as of the first day of classes.
  • Have spent two periods of 12 consecutive months each in the full-time labor force (a minimum of 32 hours per week) while not concurrently being a full-time student receiving funding through the Canada Student Loans Program.
  • Have no parents (e.g. the student’s parents have passed away).
  • Have been declared a ward of the court.
  • Have cohabited with a person, in a marriage-like relationship, for a period of at least 12 consecutive months as of the first day of classes.

Read more on eligibility

Maximum funding limits

The amount of funding you receive depends on the financial information you submit in your online application.

You will receive an assessment from StudentAid BC (SABC) that will outline the funding amount you are eligible to receive and when you'll receive it.

Maximum loan funding

Study period length Single students Students with dependents
Winter Session
34 weeks (Winter Session) $10,880.00 $17,340.00
17 weeks (Term 1 or 2 only) $5,440.00 $8,670.00
52 weeks (Sept - Aug) $16,640.00 $26,520.00
47 weeks $15,040.00 $23,970.00
Summer Session
13 weeks (Summer Session) $4,160.00 $6,630.00
17 weeks (Summer Session) $5,440.00 $8,670.00

Grant funding

Some students who apply for student loans will be eligible for grant funding, which does not have to be repaid. Your eligibility is based on your application.

Student loan interest

Interest begins to accrue on the federal portion of your student loan the day after your interest-free period ends. Payments are not required until you've been out of school for 6 months.

If you return to school with a full-time student loan at a designated post-secondary institution before this grace period ends, the interest that had been building since your last study end-date will be waived and you will be in interest-free status for your new study term.

If you return full-time to school at a designated post-secondary institution, but do not plan on applying for full time loans, you will need to apply for interest-free status through your loan provider in order for your previous loans to be in interest-free status.

Being in interest-free status means you are in a 'funded term' whether you have new loans or not, so if you withdraw or have an unsuccessful term, it may affect your eligibility for further assistance.

Automatic tuition deferral

Eligible graduate and undergraduate students will have fees deferred for one month after the tuition fee deadline in September or January. Deferrals don't apply to registration deposits.


You are eligible for automatic tuition deferral if you:

  • Apply for full time student loans by July 15; and

  • Are eligible for funding to pay your tuition and fees

Check your deferral on the SSC

You can check that your deferment has been processed by viewing the financial summary screen on the Student Service Centre (SSC).

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