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June 22, 2016
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International students from a Canadian high school: study permit info

According to Canadian immigration regulations, international students must have a study permit that allows you to study at the post-secondary level if you are starting studies at UBC this September.

This may not be obvious for international students who studied at a Canadian high school. The study permit that allows you to study at a Canadian high school is a study permit at the secondary level. To study at UBC, you’ll need a study permit that lets you study at the post-secondary level. Without the right study permit, you won’t be allowed to study at UBC when classes start, and in some cases you may have to return home.

If you don’t have a study permit that lets you study at the post-secondary level

You must renew your study permit if you are in Canada, OR apply for a new one if you are outside Canada.

Winter Term 1 classes at UBC start on September 6, please check for processing times and be prepared.

  1. Check current processing times: 
  2. Processing times for a new initial study permit from OUTSIDE Canada
  3. Processing times to extend an existing study permit from INSIDE Canada
  4. Apply for, or renew to the right study permit
  5. Apply for a new initial study permit from OUTSIDE Canada
  6. Apply to extend an existing study permit from INSIDE Canada

You can visit the study permit section of the International Student Guide for tips and instructions on how to apply for a new study permit from outside Canada, or how to extend a study permit from within Canada.

You can also contact with your student number if you have questions or concerns about renewing or applying for a study permit.