Special Occasion License checklist for indoor space

Follow the steps below to get your Special Occasion License. You'll need to submit your application at least 30 days before your event to allow for the necessary processing times.

Getting approvals

You'll need to get approval from these 3 authorities:

  • UBC (Scheduling Services and department): for the venue location and sponsorship
  • RCMP and the Fire Department: for security and emergency safety plan
  • BC Liquor Control License Branch: for the Special Event Permit

Applying for your Special Occasion License

Step 1. Get Responsible Beverage Service Certification

The licensee and managers of any special occasion licence event, including family events, must have a Responsible Beverage Service Certificate, either Serving It Right or Special Event Server.

The licensee, manager, and all servers - paid or volunteer - must be certified.

Step 2. Bring your Request Form to a signing authority

Find the appropriate request form for your event (refer to "Forms" in the side menu) and submit to the appropriate signing authority.

You may need approval from up to 3 signing authorities, who may impose additional conditions before giving permission to hold your event. They will provide the conditions in writing.

Find your signing authority:

Step 3. Submit the Request Form to Scheduling Services

Submit the form to Scheduling Services at least 30 days before the event date, along with:

  • A copy of your Responsible Beverage Service Certification
  • A piece of government-issued photo ID
  • If your event has 100+ guests: your Safety and Emergency Response Plan (in the Forms section on this page), including a site map indicating exit strategies

After you submit your documents

Once we have reviewed your application, you'll receive an email advising whether or not your request has been approved in accordance with University Policy 13: Serving and Consumption of Alcohol at University Facilities and Events. 

Once we have approved the space 

We will submit your application and supporting documents to Campus Security and the RCMP on your behalf.

Step 4. Apply for a Special Event Permit

At least 14 days before your event, apply online for your Special Event Permit (SEP). It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure all necessary local government approval is obtained.

  • Once the SEP application has been approved, you’ll receive an email to let you know that you can pay the fees online and print your license. 
  • The SEP must be signed and on display near the bar area during your event, along with receipts from your liquor purchases.

The RCMP processes applications on a first-come, first-serve basis and cannot guarantee turn-around times. They may also impose additional conditions before granting permission to hold your event. If there are concerns with your application, the RCMP will contact you in writing.



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